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Does your fridge need fixed?

Our Brandon refrigerator repair services are readily available for both personal and commercial clients. We can take on any complication that you might face and fix it with speed and proficiency. Don't let anything get in your way; if your refrigerator needs fixed, we will get it done and make it happen at an affordable cost.

We provide quick solutions for those that truly need it. Our speedy services are made available through our emergency repair assistance. You can request us for an urgent meet, as soon as today - let us know over the phone if you have a crisis that needs to be immediately rectified and inform us on your availability. We will plan out your appointment for the soonest suitable time.

We take on all types of refrigerator repair jobs. Our most common calls include defrost, temperature regulation and power related problems. Some issues have easy fixes while others are more complicated, but we can handle it all.

Our service rates are well within reason. We ding you for our labor time, which falls in line with national averages in our industry. We use the MASPG handbook to help figure out what to quote for any required labor. Besides that, you will be hit with the bill for your replacement parts - but we do not increase the price, nor do we charge for collecting them.

Bring us your worst and we'll get to the bottom of it. We have an incredibly high success rate on all major appliance repairs. Even better, we graciously remove our service call charge whenever you book any repair after receiving your quote - therefore, making your already low cost repair an even more effective expenditure.

Call (813) 531-8866 now and book us in when you're ready!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Find yourself on the hunt for a new refrigerator? Consider shopping for a new appliance like trying to buy yourself a new vehicle. Many brand names are really manufactured by the same corporation. For instance, with GMC you have vehicle makes like Chevy, Buick and Cadillac falling underneath. When it comes to appliances, you have corporations like Whirlpool that are parent companies to brands like Inglis, KitchenAid and Maytag. Stick with a more common brand name and you will have no problem getting repairs done cheap as the replacement parts are much more affordable.


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