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Is your dryer on the brink of failure?

Save yourself from a replacement by getting it repaired the right way before it's too late. We can handle any dryer problem, ranging from heat issues to faulty computer boards, defective blower wheels and more. Save yourself the disappointment of an overpriced and potentially ineffective repair elsewhere; we're a top-reviewed repair business in Brandon FL and won't let you down!

We provide cost effective repair solutions to our clients. Our pricing model is a simple one - we forward the cost of your replacement parts and charge fairly for our labor. We respect the industry standards set in the Major Appliance Service Price Guide. Therefore, you can relax knowing your final bill will only include the cost of parts and a reasonable fee for our repair service.

Our team has repair parts stores on standby for any need. We can quickly obtain the dryer parts required to fix your machine and return to your location. However, we do come prepared for some of the most common repairs as our vehicles are loaded with various common parts. Remember, we will not up-charge on the replacement part cost and there's no fee for us going out of our way to obtain the parts needed to complete the repair job.

Let us help you out. Get in touch and book your troubleshooting appointment. We will figure the issue out on the spot and give you a solution and an estimate to make it happen. We can drop our troubleshooting charge if you follow through with ordering any repair; we will only make you pay a small amount if you choose not to proceed.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

A little bit of work can greatly extend the lifetime of your washing machine and dryer. With your dryer, one variable that comes into play for life expectancy is the air flow efficiency of your machine. Is there anything that's obstructing the air pathways in your dryer? If so, it could be causing a build-up of heat which puts unnecessary stress on various parts, and sometimes causes sensors to become faulty. Further, we recommend you replace cheap ductwork (plastic, foil) with metal-based material (aluminum) as it prevents lint clogs and reduces the risk of a fire.


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