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Get professional help from a Brandon appliance repair team that's reputed in the city.

We're always helping local residents, small businesses and organizations with their repair needs. Our services are highly recommended around town and we take pride in our strong reputation.

Our licensed appliance repair techs can service or repair your freezer, no problem!

We spend every day working for both commercial and residential clients. We provide regular servicing to extend the longevity of your appliances, as well as emergency repair services for those moments when your appliance dreadfully fails.

We understand the importance of timeliness and provide great flexibility in our own availability. If you do need an urgent repair handled, simply inform us of when you can be free and we will quickly arrange for a repair tech to come out.

Wonder what your repair might cost?

Our services are billed based on two set values; we bill you for parts and labor. The cost of your replacement parts on your bill is exactly the cost we incurred buying them. If we pick up a discount, we respectfully pass it along to you. We also respect the MASPG pricing guide when billing for repairs to ensure every client gets billed equally.

We work on freezers made by Arctic Air, Armana, Bosch, GE, LG, Hotpoint, Maxx Cold, Marathon, Whirlpool and countless others. We can get parts for just about any brand and model of residential or commercial freezer. We also come to your place with various replacement parts already with us, which can come in handy for repairs on certain frequent freezer problems and shorten your encounter with us.

Hit us up if you require freezer repair help right now. Call (813) 531-8866 to begin!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Be cautious about how full you pack your freezer. If it's jammed shut, full of compressed contents, it's possible that the freezer won't ever take a break. The air fails to adequately circulate and, while rare, can prevent the temperature sensor from accurately reading the internal temp of the freezer. Therefore, never force things to fit and respect the capacity warnings found in your owner's manual. If your freezer is already like this, empty it out, defrost the unit and then pack it in an organized fashion. Remember to be conservative with how you pack your freezer.


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